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1500 phosphite in the application of PVC has excellent pre - coloring and long-term heat resistance, transparency is also much better than other varieties. Not only that, but its performance is also better than CHP, OHP and other new phosphite. Because of its low dosage, the price is high, but the formula cost is not increased.

1500 phosphite except for PVC products, can also be used as an oxygen thermal stability agent PE, PP, ABS, SBS, and its coordination effect of antioxidants such as "1010" is very good, can improve the antioxidant effect, and reduce the cost of products.

Chemical name:

Phosphorous acid, 4,4- two, isopropyl (12-14) carbon alkyl ester

Chemical formula:

quality index:

Appearance: colorless or light yellow viscous liquid, no mechanical impurities of phosphorus content in%:5.20-5.90 density (20 C), g/cm3:0.95-0.98: Pascal: no viscosity is less than or equal to 300 (25 C) refractive index (n 025):1.4860-1.4980 heating loss (125 C,%): less than 0.5

Recommended use:

Usually between 0.5 copies.

Range of use:

1、PVC industry: food pellets, pellets, transparent film, transparent medical hose, tap water pipe, plastic film, heat shrinkable film, medical gloves etc..

2、PE:High conversion film etc..

3、PP:Flame retardant grade packing belt, etc..

4、Other:Compound liquid composite stabilizer, paste composite stabilizer, engineering plastics anti-aging agent, rubber anti-aging agent, etc..

Packing and transportation:

This product is packed in galvanized barrels, net weight of 180 kg, can be used for transportation, and also welcome the vast numbers of users to the company.

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